If Only We Really Understood What Actually Happens at Mass (video link in post )

One of the hardest concepts to wrap our minds around when it comes to Catholic theology, is the teaching on the real presence.

According to Catholic researcher Mark Gray, “Fewer than two-thirds of Catholics believe that the bread and wine used for communion really become the body and blood of Jesus.  Only 46% of Catholics are aware of what the church teaches about the real presence and agree with the teaching.  An additional 17% agree, but do not know this is what the Church teaches. A third do not agree with the teaching but are unaware of the teaching. Finally, only 4% of Catholics know what the church teaches and does not believe it to be true.”

If you think about it though, it is not very surprising that our Lord would choose to come to us in this manner. Christ comes to us in the Eucharist similar to how he came into the world; humbly and discreetly.

If you are looking for a good resource that explains the doctrine of the real presence, in a way that is not too “over the top”, not so complicated, and is relatable to most people, then this presentation given by Fr. Michael Schmitz is a great one to watch and share. 

It’s 45 minutes long but it’s so entertaining and informative that you won’t even notice the time.

I’m definitely saving this one to show to the kids when they are ready for it.

Here it is: The Hour That Will Change Your Life – SEEK 2015

I hope it will inspire you and all those you share it with.

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2 thoughts on “If Only We Really Understood What Actually Happens at Mass (video link in post )

  1. lauraollerenshaw says:

    My husband and I watched this last night – its just brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing it! Ive already sent it on to a protestant friend who I have tried to explain the real presence to before and felt I didn’t do it justice! You’re right – it’s a great video to show teenage children as well. x


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