The Movie You Don’t Want To Miss! Paul, Apostle of Christ

Dear friends!

In case you have not heard, Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in the movie “Passion of the Christ” is starring as Luke in the upcoming movie,  “Paul, Apostle of Christ“.

I’m excited to see this movie because I’m a big fan of Jim Caviezel and after watching this discussion with Jim Caviezel, Scott Hahn, Raymond Arroyo and Eric Groth, I’m convinced that it’ll be an incredible movie that brings the Gospel to life in a real, beautiful and authentic way.

We all need inspiration on our faith journeys and movies such as “Passion of the Christ” and “Paul, Apostle of Christ”, can stir up strong emotions of love and fervor for Christ that it could actually be a catalyst for conversion.  Jim Caviezel himself, as he acted as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ”, had such a profound experience that it made a significant impact on his life. You can listen to his story here.

I am hopeful that Paul, Apostle of Christ will be just as inspiring! According to Scott Hahn, we will leave the movie with a greater love for Paul in his humanity and a greater zeal for his divinely inspired words in the Gospels.

I hope all of you have the chance to see this movie on opening weekend, March 23rd 2018!

Before you watch it, check out this awesome panel discussion about the movie and this amazing talk by Jim Caviezel at his surprise appearance at SLS18, a FOCUS conference that my husband and I were so fortunate to attend!

God bless! Hope you enjoy the movie!

Panel discussion with Jim Caviezel, Scott Hahn, Raymond Arroyo, and executive producer Erich Groth.

Jim Caviezel’s surprise appearance and inspiring talk at SLS18

Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie Trailer

Jim Caviezel’s talk about his experience playing Jesus in the movie Passion of the Christ.

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